Geographic Disparities in Progress Against Lung Cancer

A recent study showed declines in lung cancer death rates among U.S. women have lagged in two geographic hot spots.  Read More.

Renee Is Thriving Thanks to Cancer Research

Diagnosed with advanced lung cancer, Renee turned to a clinical trial for immunotherapy when standard chemotherapy failed to halt her disease.  Read More.

Secondhand Smoke: Impacting Cancer Survivors

A new study found disparities in secondhand smoke exposure among nonsmoking adult cancer survivors. Those who had a smoking-related cancer and those who were socioeconomically disadvantaged had higher rates of exposure.  Read More.

Fine-Tuning Molecularly Targeted Therapy for Lung Cancer

Results from two clinical trials highlight the benefits of the molecularly targeted therapeutics ceritinib and osimertinib  Read More.

Glycemic Index May Influence Lung Cancer Risk

Diets with high amounts of simple carbohydrates appear to increase the risk of lung cancer, especially among people who have never smoked.  Read More.

Do Statins Lower the Risk of Lung Cancer Death?

A new study found an association between the use of cholesterol-lowering statins and lowered risk of lung cancer death in patients with the disease.  Read More.

Finding New Ways to Overcome Resistant Lung Cancer

The identification of two mutations that cause resistance to a next-generation therapy may lead to new treatment options for patients with ALK-positive non-small cell lung cancer  Read More.

Living Well With Stage 4 Lung Cancer

When chemotherapy didn't halt her cancer, Donna Fernandez turned to an immunotherapy trial drug to keep the disease in check.  Read More.

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