Treating Melanoma Brain Metastases With Immunotherapy

A recent study found that initial treatment with a checkpoint inhibitor was associated with increased median overall survival in patients with melanoma which spread to the brain.  Read More.

Thriving Thanks to Cancer Immunotherapy

Diagnosed with stage IV mucosal melanoma, Richard Murphy turned to clinical trials testing immunotherapy treatments after standard approaches failed.  Read More.

Why You Shouldn’t Tan Indoors

New research provides insight into the number of lives that could be saved if people under 18 were banned from using indoor UV tanning devices.  Read More.

Could White Wine Increase Your Melanoma Risk?

Study reports that alcohol, particularly white wine, consumption may be associated with higher risk for melanoma.  Read More.

Jimmy Carter's Melanoma Appears to Respond to Immunotherapy

The former president, who announced in August 2015 he had metastatic melanoma, recently said he was cancer-free after treatment with pembrolizumab.  Read More.

A Promising New Immunotherapy for Advanced Melanoma

A small, early-phase trial of a new immunotherapy yielded "durable responses" for patients with advanced melanoma and ocular melanoma.  Read More.

New Immunotherapeutic Tested in Clinical Trial

An investigational immunotherapeutic was safe, tolerable, and showed some activity against melanoma in a phase I clinical trial  Read More.

Challenging the Grim Statistics of Stage IV Melanoma

When her cancer spread to her lungs, Christina McEvoy, the mother of two young boys, sought the state-of-the-art treatments that would give her the best chance to beat her disease.  Read More.

​Developing Cancer Immunotherapy

Dr. Suzanne L. Topalian of the Sidney Kimmel Comprehensive Cancer Center at Johns Hopkins is working to find new ways to unleash the power of patients' immune systems to fight their cancers.  Read More.

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