​​Mission and Vision

We are on a mission ​to prevent and cure all cancers.

The AACR Foundation supports the groundbreaking work of the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) – the first and largest cancer research organization in the world with a membership of more than 44,000 professionals residing in 120 countries and territories working on the front lines of the effort to eradicate cancer.

The Foundation backs every aspect of high-quality, innovative cancer research.

We invite you to join us in imagining a world without cancer. More important, we invite you to join us in making it happen.

 Working in collaboration with foundations, corporate ​partners, and individuals, the Foundation advances innovative discoveries to understand, prevent, treat, and cure cancer by:

  • Promoting Research: The AACR gives direct grants for basic, translational, clinical, and population research, targeting innovative science that has the potential to have a major impact in the fight against cancer. Additionally, the AACR provides expert peer review, grants administration, and scientific oversight of team science and individual grants in cancer research that hold the promise of near-term patient benefit.

  • Supporting Today's and Tomorrow's Researchers: The AACR marshals the vast expertise of the cancer research community to accelerate progress in the understanding of cancer and its prevention, detection, diagnosis, and treatment by convening more than 20 conferences and educational workshops each year. Travel grants and other support for young researchers make it possible for them to meet and learn from more experienced cancer scientists. Programs for emerging researchers in college, and even high school, encourage the best young minds to envision the impact they can have by choosing careers in cancer research.

  • Raising Awareness and Public Engagement: We can help stem the tide of new cancer cases by educating the public about how early diagnoses and healthy lifestyles can save lives. Moreover, one of the best ways of combating cancer is to prevent it. And by marshaling advocates and donors, we can ensure that adequate funds, both public and private, will be available to support promising research proposals.

The AACR Foundation works every day to understand, prevent, and cure cancer by promoting research, supporting scientists, and raising awareness.​

Last year the AACR provided over $64 million in grants and awards funding lifesaving cancer research. There are many ways you can support our mission to prevent and cure all cancers. Take Action

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is a 501c3 registered nonprofit organization with offices at 615 Chestnut Street, 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 | 215.440.9300