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Cancer Today Spring 2017

Practical Knowledge. Real Hope.

Published quarterly by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR), Cancer Today is the authoritative resource for patients, survivors, and caregivers. You'll find the feature stories for the Spring 2017 issue below, or go directly to the Cancer Today site to explore the entire issue as well as Web Exclusives.

Putting Her Armor On

Leukemia survivor Loriana Hernandez-Aldama promotes fitness as a way to be ready for future health challenges. By Jennifer Walker. Read more.

 A Prescription for Prevention?

Cancer researchers want to understand how normal cells turn into cancer cells in an attempt to prevent cancer before it starts. By Marci A. Landsmann. Read more.

Seeking a Second Opinion

Another doctor’s perspective on your disease may help ensure you have the best cancer care possible. By Stephen Ornes. Read more.

TV's Family Man

Michael Landon played characters on television who embodied wholesome family life. He died of pancreatic cancer at age 54. By Marci A. Landsmann. Read more.

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