​Support the AACR Foundation Through Your Donor-Advised Fund

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a simple, flexible and tax efficient way to support the AACR Foundation’s mission. Take advantage of the many benefits to using DAFs for your charitable giving:

  • Simplified giving – The sponsoring organization of the DAF will handle all record-keeping, disbursements, and tax receipts.
  • Flexibility – Use your DAF to recommend grants to the AACR Foundation at your convenience.
  • Tax benefits – Contributions are tax-deductible and any investment growth in the DAF is tax-free. DAFs also offer the opportunity to turn non-cash assets into charitable dollars.
  • Leave a legacy – A DAF is a great way to continue your family’s tradition of philanthropy.
  • Estate planning flexibility – Ability to determine where final distribution of contributions remaining in your DAF are allocated. Consider naming AACR Foundation as a beneficiary/successor of your account.
  • Privacy – You decide whether to choose to be acknowledged for your grant to the AACR Foundation or remain anonymous.

Donor-advised funds can help you simplify your charitable giving and focus on your philanthropic goals. Please consider recommending the AACR Foundation as an organization to support through your donor-advised fund.

For more information, contact:
Simone Jeffers
Associate Director, Annual Giving and Donor Relations
Toll-Free: (844) 385-2064

The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) is a 501c3 registered nonprofit organization with offices at 615 Chestnut Street, 17th Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19106 | 215.440.9300