​Designate the AACR Foundation as Beneficiary of a Life Insurance Policy

A life insurance policy may provide a way for you to make a much larger contribution to cancer research than you ever thought possible. As your life evolves, so may your need for life insurance. You may now be in a position to:

  • Name the AACR Foundation as the recipient of all or part of the proceeds of a life insurance policy that is no longer needed for family protection.
  • Contribute a paid-up policy during your lifetime, resulting in a charitable deduction for an amount approximately equal to your policy’s cash surrender value.
  • Depending on state law, purchase a new life insurance policy in which you name the AACR Foundation as owner and beneficiary or co-beneficiary

You can make significant impact by naming the AACR Foundation as the beneficiary or contingent beneficiary of your policy. Simply contact your insurance agent to request a change of beneficiary form.

Please notify us of your planned gift so that we may express our gratitude and enroll you in the Dr. Bayard D. Clarkson Legacy Society.

Kara Gunderman
Development Coordinator, Individual and Planned Giving
Toll-free: (844) 385-2064

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