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Chris Calder

Beating bladder cancer inspired Chris to write a novel and begin a new career. Read more.

Kelly Hoefler

A routine annual mammogram alerted her to breast cancer and saved her life. Read more.        

Debbie Farner

 She wasn't ready to give up after being diagnosed with a rare, agressive cancer called adrenocortical carcinoma. Read more.

Linda Yosten

My husband Garry has benefited from fighting cancer through his immune system. We knew little or nothing about this amazing research that has the potential to help so many people battling this disease. Let us step up to the plate, America! We are the beacon of light, we are the hope for the world! Cancer will touch all of us through ourselves, family, or friends. The war on cancer can be won if we ban together and fight it! 

Jim Newton

This survivor didn't let mantle cell lymphoma get in the way of his race training. Read more.

Takae Brewer, MD

She put medical school on hold to battle stage IIIA breast cancer, and now hopes to make a difference as an oncologist.  Read more.

Bianca Lundien Kennedy

Her battle with cancer changed her world forever, but during the struggle Bianca went from being a victim to becoming a fighter against cancer and an example for others. Read more.


Bert Brown

This prostate cancer survivor kept his condition private until a chance encounter encouraged him to become an advocate for active engagement in one's own health. Read more.

​Annie Ellis

She had symptoms for nine months and never thought it could be cancer. This ovarian cancer survivor, now in remission, takes an active role in making treatment decisions. Read more.

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